Isabelle’s Birthday Party – 2/28/16

Isabelle’s Birthday Party

Date: Sunday February 28, 2016
Time: 10:30 a.m.

Custom T-Shirt Designs

Please provide a desired T-shirt sizes for each child attending the party. (Youth sizes are: XS-S-M-L)

Reservations are required via Facebook.

Francine’s Glam Birthday Party – 2/7/16

Francine’s Glam Birthday Party

Date: Sunday February 7, 2016
Time: 1 p.m.

Custom T-Shirt Designs

Please select a custom T-shirt design for each child attending the party. Please provide the image information as well as T-shirt sizes (Youth sizes are: XS-S-M-L)

Reservations are required via Facebook.

Senior T-Shirt Contest

Senior T-Shirt Contest

Seniors of 2016! The school year is flying by and it’s time, if you haven’t already, to start thinking about Senior T-Shirts! There are many fun and creative ways to remember your final year of High School and T-Shirts help to do both. Great ways to show and wear your pride, T-Shirts are a crowd favorite!

HBF Boutique and Resolute Ink Designs will be hosting a ‘Senior T-Shirt’ contest to see which school can come up with the best design to show their class/school spirit! So gather your ideas and design platform and get started creating your masterpiece with your friends today!

How it Works:

Students will create t-shirt designs for their respective schools for a chance at bragging rights along with a 10% kickback to the school for having your Senior T-Shirts printed with R.I.D.!

All designs will be posted on Social Media and in-store at HBF Boutique. Whichever design accumulates the most likes, between Social Media and in-store, will win the contest and the 10% kickback for their classes/schools T-Shirt purchase. So like, favorite, comment and share with all your friends and your school.

Who/What is HBF Boutique?:

HBF Boutique is a unique Men’s, Women’s and children’s boutique located in Gaithersburg, MD in the Downtown Crown complex. HBF is an authorized representative of Resolute Ink Designs.

Rules and Regulations

All submissions must be in by the contest deadline, no exceptions. Once the deadline has passed all designs will be posted on Social Media and in-store for the start of the ‘voting’ process. Students submitting designs must be currently enrolled in the school for which they are competing. All applicants agree to give HBF Boutique and Resolute Ink Designs the right to display their work on HBF and R.I.D.’s respective website and or social media sites as well as in-store at HBF Boutique.

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties:

Let you Childs creativity run wild! Book your next party with HBF Boutique and enjoy 1.5 hours of customized t-shirt decorating!

How it Works:

Your child will have the opportunity (minimum 2 weeks prior to arrival) to select a custom design (either supplied by you or created by us, it’s up to you!) to be printed on a white t-shirt for all of their friends to decorate! Once the Children are finished decorating their shirts they will participate in a mini fashion show in order to show off their personalized creations to their Friends and Family. After the show they are encouraged to take pictures with each other to remember the fun they had! Additionally, each Child is able to take home their custom t-shirt to have a piece of the party with them always!

A maximum of 10 Children are allowed per party. Participating attendees are $35 per person. Each party includes: a 1.5 hour private party, 1 customized t-shirt (per participating attendee; design chosen by the birthday child), decorating materials, plates, napkins, silverware, cups and a mini fashion show to show off the Childs new work! (Verbal encouragement and applause greatly encouraged!)

Additional fee applies for additional participants, additional party room time, food, drink, personalized virtual invitations or party amenities.

No outside food or drink permitted except for cake or a reasonable substitute to be approved in the sole discretion of HBF Boutique. Please confirm all arrangements with management upon selecting a party date.

Reservations are required and subject to availability. Cancellation/rescheduling policy of 24 hours applies.