Secret Santa T-Shirt Workshop

Secret Santa T-Shirt Workshop:

HBF Boutiques ‘Secret Santa T-Shirt Workshop’ gives family and friends the opportunity to create customized t-shirts for their loved ones! Instead of going store to store in hopes of finding something you ‘think’ they will like, create a personalized and unique t-shirt to express your feelings. Show them how much you care with the time spent on a present made just for them!

How it Works:

Artist (because we are all Artists) will either submit an image to Resolute Ink Designs (RID) or request an image to be created (either in store or via Once the image is received RID will provide a shirt with the desired design for $25, if the shirt is to be shipped and designed at home, or $20 if the Artist would like to reserve a spot and stop by HBF Boutique to design it in-store* (decorating materials provided by HBF Boutique!)

It’s as simple as that! The only thing left to do would be to wrap and give/mail the custom made present to its newly appreciative owner!

*8 Artists per decorating time only. Decorating times are after normal store hours starting at 7:15pm M-TH, 8:30pm F-Sa and 5:30pm Sunday). All designs must be submitted prior to arrival to ensure they will have enough time to arrive in-store for decoration.

Who/What is HBF Boutique?:

HBF Boutique is a unique Men’s, Women’s and children’s boutique located in Gaithersburg, MD in the Downtown Crown complex. HBF is an authorized representative of Resolute Ink Designs.

Resolute Ink Designs Goal:

We hope the ability to create personalized presents for you friends and family can be a bonding experience for all those involved while creating a lasting love for all art forms.