Resolute Ink Designs and prints custom t-shirts for personal, business and event use. From casual to cooperate Resolute Ink can design and print custom logo or graphic t-shirts for a wide variety of uses. Resolute Ink custom work will brand, advertise and give you the unique look to make you stand out.

Michael CEO

Co-founder of Resolute Ink Designs.   Michael has worked with several top designers in Fashion and Film.

RID Artists

A RID Artist will be assigned to personalize your design or creating a whole new design for your brand.

RID Designers

 RID Designers will provide support on how to layout your illustration or designs on the T-shirt.  They work directly with each brand, customer, and organization.

RID Marketing/Support

RID Marketing will help promote your brand and provide website support and update.  RID specialized in social media and video marketing.

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