Francine’s Glam Birthday Party – 2/7/16

Francine’s Glam Birthday Party

Date: Sunday February 7, 2016
Time: 1 p.m.

Custom T-Shirt Designs

Please select a custom T-shirt design for each child attending the party. Please provide the image information as well as T-shirt sizes (Youth sizes are: XS-S-M-L)

Reservations are required via Facebook.

Senior T-Shirt Contest

Senior T-Shirt Contest

Seniors of 2016! The school year is flying by and it’s time, if you haven’t already, to start thinking about Senior T-Shirts! There are many fun and creative ways to remember your final year of High School and T-Shirts help to do both. Great ways to show and wear your pride, T-Shirts are a crowd favorite!

HBF Boutique and Resolute Ink Designs will be hosting a ‘Senior T-Shirt’ contest to see which school can come up with the best design to show their class/school spirit! So gather your ideas and design platform and get started creating your masterpiece with your friends today!

How it Works:

Students will create t-shirt designs for their respective schools for a chance at bragging rights along with a 10% kickback to the school for having your Senior T-Shirts printed with R.I.D.!

All designs will be posted on Social Media and in-store at HBF Boutique. Whichever design accumulates the most likes, between Social Media and in-store, will win the contest and the 10% kickback for their classes/schools T-Shirt purchase. So like, favorite, comment and share with all your friends and your school.

Who/What is HBF Boutique?:

HBF Boutique is a unique Men’s, Women’s and children’s boutique located in Gaithersburg, MD in the Downtown Crown complex. HBF is an authorized representative of Resolute Ink Designs.

Rules and Regulations

All submissions must be in by the contest deadline, no exceptions. Once the deadline has passed all designs will be posted on Social Media and in-store for the start of the ‘voting’ process. Students submitting designs must be currently enrolled in the school for which they are competing. All applicants agree to give HBF Boutique and Resolute Ink Designs the right to display their work on HBF and R.I.D.’s respective website and or social media sites as well as in-store at HBF Boutique.

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties:

Let you Childs creativity run wild! Book your next party with HBF Boutique and enjoy 1.5 hours of customized t-shirt decorating!

How it Works:

Your child will have the opportunity (minimum 2 weeks prior to arrival) to select a custom design (either supplied by you or created by us, it’s up to you!) to be printed on a white t-shirt for all of their friends to decorate! Once the Children are finished decorating their shirts they will participate in a mini fashion show in order to show off their personalized creations to their Friends and Family. After the show they are encouraged to take pictures with each other to remember the fun they had! Additionally, each Child is able to take home their custom t-shirt to have a piece of the party with them always!

A maximum of 10 Children are allowed per party. Participating attendees are $35 per person. Each party includes: a 1.5 hour private party, 1 customized t-shirt (per participating attendee; design chosen by the birthday child), decorating materials, plates, napkins, silverware, cups and a mini fashion show to show off the Childs new work! (Verbal encouragement and applause greatly encouraged!)

Additional fee applies for additional participants, additional party room time, food, drink, personalized virtual invitations or party amenities.

No outside food or drink permitted except for cake or a reasonable substitute to be approved in the sole discretion of HBF Boutique. Please confirm all arrangements with management upon selecting a party date.

Reservations are required and subject to availability. Cancellation/rescheduling policy of 24 hours applies.

Secret Santa T-Shirt Workshop

Secret Santa T-Shirt Workshop:

HBF Boutiques ‘Secret Santa T-Shirt Workshop’ gives family and friends the opportunity to create customized t-shirts for their loved ones! Instead of going store to store in hopes of finding something you ‘think’ they will like, create a personalized and unique t-shirt to express your feelings. Show them how much you care with the time spent on a present made just for them!

How it Works:

Artist (because we are all Artists) will either submit an image to Resolute Ink Designs (RID) or request an image to be created (either in store or via Once the image is received RID will provide a shirt with the desired design for $25, if the shirt is to be shipped and designed at home, or $20 if the Artist would like to reserve a spot and stop by HBF Boutique to design it in-store* (decorating materials provided by HBF Boutique!)

It’s as simple as that! The only thing left to do would be to wrap and give/mail the custom made present to its newly appreciative owner!

*8 Artists per decorating time only. Decorating times are after normal store hours starting at 7:15pm M-TH, 8:30pm F-Sa and 5:30pm Sunday). All designs must be submitted prior to arrival to ensure they will have enough time to arrive in-store for decoration.

Who/What is HBF Boutique?:

HBF Boutique is a unique Men’s, Women’s and children’s boutique located in Gaithersburg, MD in the Downtown Crown complex. HBF is an authorized representative of Resolute Ink Designs.

Resolute Ink Designs Goal:

We hope the ability to create personalized presents for you friends and family can be a bonding experience for all those involved while creating a lasting love for all art forms.



“We Are All Artists” Contest!

Resolute Ink Designs “We Are All Artists” Contest:

Welcome to Resolute Ink Designs (R.I.D.) “We Are All Artists” Contest! Whether you are a graphic designer or a hobbyist this is an opportunity for you to shine! Beginning on now and ending on 12/1/2015. R.I.D. will be accepting artistic submissions for T-shirt designs. Submissions for the contest will be accepted via FB Page (Facebook Contest Submission) or via

How It Works:

Artists will submit their designs (whether a graphic, text or a combination of both the submission must be in digital format, vector files preferred) for a chance to win our contest and the prizes listed below.

Once the deadline for submissions has passed, R.I.D. will hold an Facebook and in-store (HBF Boutique) contest to choose a winning design. Once the designs have been posted to Facebook simply Like, Share, Comment or stop by HBF Boutique to cast your vote. All ‘likes’ from Facebook will be combined with the in-store votes to determine a winner. In the event of a tie all Artists involved will share in the grand prize equally.

Who/What is HBF Boutique?:

HBF Boutique is a unique Men’s, Women’s and children’s boutique located in Gaithersburg, MD in the Downtown Crown complex. HBF is an authorized representative of Resolute Ink Designs.

What’s At Stake?:

R.I.D. helps artists/designers or whomever (as We Are All Artists!) has something to share an opportunity to do just that, share their passion. What we are accomplishing with this contest is the ability for Artists to get their ideas/work out to a different network of people with a chance at publication.

While every Artists submission will automatically qualify them for a 10% discount off the purchase of their design (in any quantity) placed on a T-shirt, the winner is vying for much more.

The winner is competing for 3 prizes including a 20% discount off the purchase of their design (in any quantity) placed on a T-shirt. The other 2 prizes however are a little more significant. The first of which is having themselves pictured as our winner with their design and displayed on our website for 1 month for everyone to see. Free marketing! The second, and arguably the biggest of the three, is for a 20% stake in each of the shirts sold with your design*; R.I.D will place your design on our website for sale for 1 month. 20% of each your designs sold belongs to you*! No matter how many you sell the money for your shirts will continue to accumulate for 1 month. So spread the word and sell as many as you can; ie. A $20 shirt sold earns you $4. If you sell 100 shirts then you make $400; if you sell 1000 shirts then you make $4,000!!! The more shirts sold the more you make to help fund your dreams!

Rules and Regulations:

All submissions must be in by the deadline, no exceptions. By submitting your design you agree to allow Resolute Ink Designs (from this point forward know as ‘R.I.D.’) and HBF Boutique (from this point forward known as ‘HBF’) to display your submission(s) in-store and online in their sole discretion. All Artists additionally agree that R.I.D. and HBF will retain all rights pertaining to any and all submissions. Upon winning the contest the ‘winner’ agrees to allow R.I.D. and HBF to display, in-store and online, your design for sale for 1-month equaling 31 days. The ‘winner’ also agrees to allow R.I.D. and HBF, in their sole discretions, to continue to display either in-store, online or both, the winning image for longer than one month or to re-display at any time. The ‘winner’ also agrees that R.I.D. and HBF will retain any and all rights pertaining to the photos.

*All monetary ‘stake’ in the t-shirt/design sales is relegated strictly to the 1-month period in which the ‘winner’ has rights to. Any sales outside of the 1-month period are the sole property of R.I.D. and HBF.


“Ugly Christmas T-Shirt” Contest!

Ugly T-Shirt Contest:

Welcome to HBF Boutique and Resolute Ink Designs ‘Ugly T-Shirt’ making contest! Get caught up in the season and design your own ‘Ugly T-Shirt!’ Starting, Friday November 27, 2015 and ending Sunday December 20, 2015, HBF Boutique will be hosting an ‘Ugly T-Shirt’ making contest in-store and online. Come join us at HBF Boutique and bring your craziest of holiday ideas!

How it Works:

Resolute Ink Designs will be providing holiday themed T-Shirts to contestants at a cost of $25 per shirt which covers the cost of the shirt, all decorating materials and entry into the contest. With 10 holiday themes to choose from and an abundance of decorating materials the holiday fun is endless. Enter as many times as you like and enjoy the fun of creating something with your friends or family. Once you are finished you may choose to take your newly created holiday t-shirt home or have it displayed in-store (with a voting number) for a chance to win the prize listed below. All t-shirt entries will be photographed and placed on Instagram. The winner of the ‘Ugly T-Shirt’ contest will be determined by the design with the most combined in-store and Instagram ‘Likes/Favorites/Votes.’ So be sure to like, share, comment and get as many votes as you can!

Who/What is HBF Boutique?:

HBF Boutique is a unique Men’s, Women’s and Children’s boutique located in Gaithersburg, MD in the Downtown Crown complex. HBF is an authorized representative of Resolute Ink Designs.

What’s at Stake?:

Every entry will automatically receive a 10% coupon to use on their next purchase between December 26, 2015 and January 31, 2015. The winner on the other hand will receive a $50 gift certificate and a candle of their choice in addition to the 10% coupon for the dates previously mentioned.

Rules and Regulations:

All entries must be submitted in-store. All participants agree that HBF Boutique and Resolute Ink have the right, in their sole discretion, to display the entered artwork in-store and to post pictures of all entries on their respective social media sites. All entered t-shirts will be available for pick-up starting Monday December 21, 2015 during business hours. T-shirts may be purchased in-store and taken home for decoration then returned for voting. T-shirts do not have to be made in-store but must be purchased from HBF Boutique/Resolute Ink.